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A little about me

Hi, I'm Marc and I love developing games. I studied and worked between web and game developement for the past 6 years. Im now focused on learning about Artificial Intelligence. I enjoy coding upon my imagination, hence the reason I like videogames or creative coding in general, they allow you to transform your mind's ideas into art.

My Experience

SEO Analyst
Associació per la Telemàtica Educativa

2022 to 2024

I worked analysing, reporting and improving the search engine optimization for an education institution that promoted summer courses and other activities. Their website was built on WordPress, but still applied SEO improvement techniques as well as managing some of their content in social media, making sure it's optimized and follows the good practises for good positioning.

Backend Developer
Smartaos - Architecture of Systems

2020 to 2022

I was a junior backend developer for Smartaos, I mainly focused on backend, log-in, emailing, and database structure but helped coworkers with frontend tasks often. I learnt all about Laravel as well as dynamic content website developement, and kept the data clean and organized, using python to help with big projects that required a more specific approach.

Lead Game Developer
Emblematic Games

2018 to 2020

My first job consisted of developing educational games for an emerging indie game studio. My main task was coding the games using Unity, as well as organizing and putting in common all the art and animation assets from other people into the polished game. I programmed most of the logic in their games and made sure the games bug-free and ready to launch.

My Studies

Erasmus Scholarship for Data Science
法政大学 | Hosei University - Tokyo

2022 to 2023

I got accepted both into an Erasmus scolarship programme and into one of the top universities in Japan, here I studied statistics, data analysis, big data and other data science courses. All while living on my own on the other side of the world, working part-time remotely as SEO analyst for a WordPress webpage.

Multimedia Engineering. Apps and Videogames
Universitat de Vic - UVic

2020 to 2024

Here I deepened my knowledge about web and game developing but also explored other areas such as android & iOS dev. You can see all about my end of degree thesis, about Data Scrapping With Python.

2D & 3D Animation, Videogames & Interactive Environments
Universitat de Vic - UVic

2018 to 2020

Consisting on most of the disciplines of 2D and 3D related media, such as modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, programming and game design, while also gaining advanced knowledge on the top software involved in the process, like Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Unity, and many more.

Computer Science
Facultat Informàtica Barcelona - UPC

2016 to 2018

Despite only studying here for the first 2 years of the degree, I owe most of the knowledge I'm applying today to this university, here I met my programming passion and developed other disciplines like circuit physics or computer engineering, but I didn't enjoy most of the subjects there, I wanted to focus on game developement itself, not hardware. So I changed to something more software-related.

Recent Projects

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